Construction Estimate Letter
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This is a Estimate of Construction Letter from a Licensed Contractor in California. Please have your list of construction details required for rehab and the estimate, you can use the website to get the estimate needed to complete repairs. You must have these estimates on-hand before you purchase the letter, as the link to the form will expire if it is not used, and you will have to email us with your transaction ID to receive a second link.

Once you pay with paypal using any major credit card or paypal account, click the link to be returned to the Epona website and you will be directed to the form to fill out the letter, just as you see below. Be sure to complete the process (visit the link to the Epona website and complete the Letter as shown below) as soon as you pay becuase the link to the letter is only available in the paypal transaction page.

The completed letter will be emailed to the email address you insert in the letter, the disclaimers and instructions and your email address will not be visible on the final letter which is emailed immediately to you.

Click here to view sample letter