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Types of Loans

We offer various types of loans including:

  • No Credit Check program
  • Transactional Funding
  • No Money Down

No Credit Check Program

  • Turned Down For A Mortgage?
  • Bad Credit? No Credit?
  • Debt-To-Income Ratio Too High?

Epona Investment Group has programs for many types of situations.

We have a  “No Credit Check Program” helping you to become a Homeowner!

Membership Saves You Money

Other programs offering  no credit check options can run $1,500.00, or more. Membership in the Epona Investment Group eliminates these fees; so, you save cash.


  • Owner-Occupied, Residential Properties 1-4 family only.
  • 10% down payment is required from you. (This may be gifted or partially negotiated in the purchase offer.)
  • Approval is NOT based on your credit. It is based upon your verifiable household income and references.
  • The home must qualify for the program by meeting certain criteria that has been established. Call for details.
  • You must be prepared to refinance within 5 years (60 months). This requirement may be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Transactional Financing

I It's that easy. If you are ready to get funding, join the Epona Investment Group today. Please note: transactional funding can only be used if conducting a simultaneous closing, or back-to-back closing.

Did you know that lack of funding is the #1 cause of not closing on a deal? Don't let that happen to you! As invesotrs, we are dedicated in helping you fund your deals. We fund your short sales, REOs, residential, or commercial flips, you provide the approved end buyer. We offer the low rates, great customer service, and a genuine interest in making this the easiest part of your transaction.

Our purchasing range is $50,000 (Less than $50k on a case-by-case basis) to $100,000,000 per acquisition.

  • Low Fees
  • No Out of Pocket Fees
  • No LTV
  • No Application Fees
  • No Risk
  • No Credit
  • Use Our Title Co. or Your Own

Simply have an approved end-buyer in place, and we will provide you with transactional funding to close your deal. We can also provide you with a soft proof of funds letter to submit your offer to the seller.
How our Transactional Funding Program Works:

  • Login to the EIG Member website and submit a simple form online
  • Get your deal funded

It's that easy!

You may use our experienced title company to conduct your closing, or use your own. The choice is yours.

No Money Down Programs Available

Our members often purchase with “No Money Down.” This happens when the purchase price plus rehab money is 65% or less of the After Repair Value. These deals do exist, and you can buy with no money down, when you locate them.


Residential 1-4 Family, Non-Owner Occupied.
Condos case by case; must be certified.
Commercial projects, call to discuss.


First Mortgage only


6 Months. Case by case on extensions - will go back to underwriting for approval. Additional fees will apply.


Up to 65% of After-Repair Value dependent on area. (some areas max 50%). Up to 100% financing.


100% of renovation funds are typically advanced in 1 to 4 draws. No minimum or maximum on draws. Once inspector certifies work done, funds are dispersed within 48 hours.


the monthly EIG Membership fee entitles you to submit projects to us. Closing costs are the responsibility of the borrower


Case by case payments may be rolled into loan.


Rehab Loan Application including:

  • Credit scores do not matter however credit may be reviewed
  • Mini Appraisal, then full appraisal if it meets guidelines.
  • Time on market for area within 180 days or file may be declined
  • Must show the ability to make a minimum of 6 monthly payments

(for each loan)

  • If under a company name - Entity Documents (EIN#, Certificate, Articles of Organization/ Operating Agreement). Personal Guarantee will be required.
  • Purchase Agreement (signed by both parties).
  • Summary of Rehab Work to be Completed (document)
  • Additional Information May be Required


No minimum. Up to $300K, higher amount by exception.

More than one deal at a time may be allowed (case by case) however, down payment may be required on additional projects