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What is your Service Area? California, with an emphasis on the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Solano.

How much are points and fees? Points and fees vary widely and they depend on the deal itself, based on property’s own merit.

Waht is time to closing? Under current market condiitions, closings are taking 21-29 days or more.

Do I need a minimum credit score to qualify? As a member, you have no minimum credit score requirements; however, credit will be reviewed.

Can you guarantee that my deal will happen? No. Every deal is reviewed on its own merit.

What is ARV? After the subject property is fixed up and repaired, a new value is determined which is called the After Repair Value, or ARV.

Can you use my local tax assessor’s real market value instead of an appraisal? No, we use an appraisal only.

What do I need to provide so that you can review my deal? A completed property application, and comps no older than 60 days. Time on market must be less than 180 days. Additional documentation may be required.

Do your loans have prepayment penalties? Case by case, usually no.

What will the interest rate be? There is not a set interest rate; however, the range is usually between 9-15%.

What are your repayment terms? Usually 6 months. May be extended on a case by case basis.

What is the minimum or maximum loan amount? No minimum, up to $300k. Over $300k, case by case.

What do I need in Assets? We need to see that you can repay the loan, and have the ability to make payments.