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California Real Estate Investing? Partner with EIG.

Joint Venture with EIG

Joint Venture California foreclosure properties

We have the money when you need it. Joint Venture with Epona Investment Group and multiply your assets.


Get Fresh Leads Fast

Hard Money Loans CA Real Estate

Epona Investment Group supplies fresh leads and the tools to uncover the leads you are looking for, where you are looking for them.


EIG Knows Remods

Remodeling Investment Homes in CA

Epona Investment Group has licensed contractors on staff to quickly get the job done and your investment property back on the market.


Proof of Funds, VOD

Immediate Proof of Funds and VOD letters by immediate email for your transactions


Epona's Business model is very simple- We are uniquely qualified and able to handle your investment in a typical real estate cycle: Acquisition, Development, Management and Disposition.

Rehab and Resale Investment (fix and flip)

Following all legal guide lines , Epona is in the driver seat for (fix and flip) projects. Epona has the ability to pull all trades to finish the project on time and under budget. The Investment return is in the high 30% on the past performances.

Buy and Hold Investment

This is very opportune time in real estate . The prices are lowe and the interest rate as hit the rock bottom- It is perfect time to Buy and Hold and let your equity and value appreciate for years to come . Epona has the insight and far sight to steer you through your long term hold back investment decisions. Epona Provides real estate management services to its investors on their long term hold back investments.

Lease Back Investments

The current Economic Conditions have left many good folks with out the stability and safety of having their American dream "home". It is Epona's goal to put more people in the their own affordable homes. The Investment opportunities are available to fullfill the need of those potential home owners, through Epona's Lease-back program .